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This site is a work in progress but if you would like to know about my latest project please go to    https://cressinghamvoices.wordpress.com/ Here is a short summary:

Cressingham Voices is a writing project taking place in the shifting landscape of inner city regeneration. The work I will produce as writer-in-residence  and that of the residents of the Cressingham Gardens Estate in South London will be compiled in an illustrated book and serve as a record of and tribute to the ability of a community to continue to live and love under conditions of uncertainty and fear, a testament to the tenacity of a community driven to contemplate choices not of their own making.

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My role as a writer-in-residence will be to generate a series of writings that reflect the life of the community in the context of regeneration of the estate. Secondly the provision of a series of creative writing workshops open to residents. Thirdly it will involve compiling the book working with the talented artists illustrator Karrie Fransman and photographer Sam Mellish. There will be a book launch on Thursday 22nd June to be held in the Cressingham Rotunda, more details will be available soon.  Cressingham Voices is supported by the Cressingham Gardens Residents Association, literature development organisation Spread the Word and funded by the Arts Council of England and the book launch is part of the London Festival of Architecture 2017.

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